Watch Monroe first selectman candidates’ ‘job interviews’ online

MONROE, CT — Gateano Marra Jr. interviewed Monroe first selectman candidates, Republican Town Councilman Terry Rooney and Board of Education member Jerry Stevens, a Democrat, on his community podcast, “Expect Better” in a “job interview” featuring 50 questions for each candidate.

The podcast is now available on the Monroe Residents Facebook Group. Those who are not members can watch it on Marra’s YouTube channel.

The Monroe Residents Facebook Group team began soliciting questions from the public in mid July and nearly 90 questions had been collected by the end of August. Barbara Fahr, a group admin, consolidated repeat questions, while paring it down to 50 by topic for each candidate.

Since starting his podcast a year ago, Marra has interviewed several notable Monroe personalities, among them were Superintendent Joe Kobza, State Rep. Tony Scott (R-Monroe), Monroe Farmers’ Market manager Kelly Plunkett and local restauranteur Sam Develis to name a few.

Here are the links to more than 50 questions with timestamps for each question asked:

Links to the podcast job interview of Terry Rooney:

General and Management: 3:54-14:20

Communication: 14:20-16:14

Politics: 16:14-25:17

Taxes: 25:17-28:56

Crime and Police: 28:56-33:00

Diversity: 33:00-36:00

Infrastructure and Land Mgmt: 36:00-57:16

Town Regs: 57:16-1:00:00

Business and Economic Development: 1:00:00-1:15:22

Recreation: 1:15:22-1:24:46

Schools: 1:24:46-1:26:57

Closing Statement: 1:26:57 to end

Jerry Stevens:

General and Management: 3:36-10:37

Communication: 10:37-21:10

Politics: 21:10-28:28

Taxes: 28:28-38:38

Crime and Police: 238:38-41:16

Diversity: 41:16-43:51

Infrastructure and Land Mgmt: 43:51-1:15:30

Town Regs: 1:15:30-1:19;05

Business and Economic Development: 1:19:05-1:31:08

Recreation: 1:31:08-1:37:07

Schools: 1:37:07-1:48:44

Closing Statement: 1:48:44 to end

NOTE: Time stamps are for general guidance to topic sections and may be off just a bit.

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