Voter turnout in Tuesday’s municipal election just over 33 percent

Townspeople vote inside the Fawn Hollow Elementary School gymnasium last November.

MONROE, CT — Town registrars are doing a recount in districts one and two before releasing all of the unofficial results for Tuesday’s municipal election. On Wednesday afternoon, they released the turnout numbers.

Final vote tallies for the candidates should be released later today.

According to the unofficial numbers, 4,542 registered voters participated in Tuesday’s election for 33.1 percent voter turnout. This includes absentees and same day registration and voting, and it compares to 4,544 and 35.14 percent in 2019.

Tuesday’s breakdown by polling place is 1,459 at District 1 at Fawn Hollow Elementary School (31.61 percent), 689 at District 2 at Stepney Elementary (32.84 percent), 825 at District 3 at Monroe Elementary (34.03) and 1,557 at District 4 at Masuk High School (33.97 percent).

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