Volkswagen backs over boy’s foot, couple banned from Stop & Shop …

MONROE, CT — A six-year-old boy apparently suffered no injuries after a black Volkswagen Atlas ran over his foot in the parking lot at 252 Monroe Turnpike Saturday evening.

At approximately 6:16 p.m., a 43-year-old Fairfield man was backing out of a parking space when the boy was attempting to get into a car in the spot next to him, police said. The child screamed when his foot was caught under the tire, according to the report.

Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel tended to the boy and determined no more medical attention was needed, police said.

The driver was cited for unsafe backing.

Banned from Stop & Shop

A couple was warned to stay away from Stop & Shop after an altercation with an employee Sunday afternoon.

The employee was restocking shelves in the yogurt section when a woman attempted to squeeze by him and his boxes, according to police.

When the employee had words with the customer, telling her there was room to go around him, she brought her husband over and he confronted the employee. The employee told him he could file a complaint with customer service.

Both sides alleged there was physical contact by the other, but police said there were no signs of injuries and nothing was captured on camera, so no one was charged with a crime.

A phishing scam

A Monroe woman fell victim to a phishing scam after receiving a text she believed to be from her bank, informing her that her account was overdrawn, according to a complaint filed Saturday.

Police said she responded to the text and gave out banking and personal information, before realizing it was a scam.

The woman took immediate steps to protect herself after the incident, contacting her bank, changing her passwords and log-in requirements to both of her accounts, contacting the Social Security Administration, and the three major credit bureaus.

“If you get a text like this, contact your financial institution directly,” Lt. Kevin McKellick said. “Don’t respond to emails and text messages. Independently verify with your financial institution.”

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