VIDEO: Boogie Chillun starts a dance party at Stepney Elementary School

MONROE, CT — Boogie Chillun, a band based in New Haven, played an American roots music show, giving Stepney Elementary School students a taste of every genre of music, from the blues and rock and roll, to country, rap and hiphop to name a few, in an outdoor concert Friday.

Vaughn Collins, who founded Boogie Chillun in 1991, is the lead singer with co-founder, Derek Graham on drums and vocals, Walter Livingston on bass guitar, Wayne Brown on keyboard, and Kenny Blackwell on guitar.

The concert was held during the Stepney PTO’s Cultural Arts Assembly. Students and staff had a ball listening to classic songs in front of the school, while dancing to the beat.

For information on Boogie Chillun, visit it on TikTok and Facebook.

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