Vandals go mailbox bowling on Pepper Street

MONROE, CT — Mailbox baseball is a common form of vandalism, in which a youth wielding a baseball bat bashes mailboxes through an open car window while driving by. But on Sunday, a Pepper Street resident told police someone used a bowling ball on his mailbox.

Police said the man heard a loud noise the night before, but thought nothing of it because construction was going on nearby. However, the next morning he found his new $70 mailbox had been snapped in two. The top part of it lay in the grass and a bowling ball was 20 yards away, according to the report.

Police believe the vandalism occurred sometime between 8:30 and 9 p.m. Saturday.

Identity theft

A local woman told police someone fraudulently opened several bank and credit card accounts in her name.

She notified the banks, credit card companies and the Federal Trade Commission of the fraudulent activity. She also asked the FTC to place fraud alerts on her credit reports, police said.

No monetary losses have been reported at this time.

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