Uber Eats driver looking for D&D gets a DUI instead

A Bridgeport man was arrested for DUI and narcotics charges after making two U-turns on Route 111 in a black Nissan Altima Saturday night. Police say he told officers he is a driver for Uber Eats and was looking for Dunkin’ Donuts.

A caller reported an erratic driver heading south on Monroe Turnpike making a U-turn in the area of 390 Route 111 around 7:41 p.m. Then an officer spotted the Nissan making another U-turn at the intersection of Route 111 and Cross Hill and pulled over the vehicle, the report said.

Police said the driver, Daniel Munoz-Flores, 20, of 21 Clearview Drive, spoke with a slurred speech and a clear plastic Ziplock bag containing pills could be seen at his feet.

When the officer asked him to exit the vehicle, police said Munoz-Flores steadied himself against the car for balance. Field sobriety tests determined he was under the influence, police said.

Munoz-Flores was charged with operating under the influence and making an improper turn and released on $500 bond for those charges.

Police said a search of the Nissan found a clear glass tube with a burnt end, a yellow, blue and red glass bowl, a bottle of 25 grams Phenibut HCI powder and orange Alprazolam pills (five milligrams).

The drugs are controlled substances, police said, adding side effects are dizziness, drowsiness and poor coordination.

Munoz-Flores was also charged with use and possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. He was released on $500 bond for those charges.

He has an Oct. 15 court date for both sets of charges.

Falling trees and branches

High winds knocked down trees and branches Friday, temporarily blocking roadways and causing damage to vehicles and wires.

Lynn Alterie, 67, of Monroe, was driving her Honda HR-V EXL east on Turkey Roost Road around 11:14 a.m., near Cahill Road, when a tree limb hit her windshield.

Police said it caused dents and scrapes to the hood, windshield and roof of the vehicle, but Alterie was not injured.

Andrew Krieger, 33, of Sandy Hook, was driving his Honda Ridgeline on Route 111 around 12:48 p.m., when a tree limb fell on his windshield near the intersection with Highland Drive.

Police said there was damage to the hood, roof and windshield, but Krieger was able to drive his truck away.

A tree fell onto wires at Webb Circle and East Village Road at noon. Police said it was communication wires, rather than power. Eversource Energy was called to the scene and public works performed clean up of tree debris.

A branch that fell in the road blocked a lane near 480 Purdy Hill Road around 2:11 p.m.

A tree branch also fell near 240 Cutlers Farm Road and blocked the road at 11:46 a.m., police said.

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