Traffic stop leads to DUI charge for a Monroe driver

MONROE, CT — A local man was charged with DUI following a traffic stop in the 470-block of Main Street on Feb. 11.

John MacFayden, 24, of Swendsen Drive, was charged with illegal operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, failure to drive in the proper lane and making an improper turn. He was released on $500 bond for a Feb. 22 court date.

At 9:22 p.m., a police officer on patrol noticed a gray Dodge Ram exit a driveway in the 270-block of Main Street, turning right, then heading north on Route 25.

Police said the driver appeared to accelerate quickly. As he made a turn, the truck crossed over the double yellow center line and all four tires were in the south bound lane for a short period of time, according to the report.

The officer followed the vehicle, which was changing speeds frequently, accelerating and braking often as it drove, police said, adding it crossed over the fog line several times.

The driver made a turn into a commercial driveway in the 470-block of Main Street without a turn signal and the officer initiated a traffic stop in the parking lot, police said.

While talking to the driver, MacFayden, police said the officer detected the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage on him and observed that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy and that he slurred some words.

Police said field sobriety tests were not performed to standard.

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