Town repairs flag lines on Stepney Green in time for 4th of July weekend

Assistant Stepney Fire Chief Darren Dyson and Chief Dave Lewis, left, use a ladder truck to restring the flagpoles on Stepney Green with help down below from building maintainer Steve Wolf and Public Works Dir. Chris Nowacki, right. Photos by Kathie Loehr

MONROE, CT — Vandalism of a Rainbow Flag display on Stepney Green may have spoiled the last day of Pride Month, but Monroe Public Works and Stepney volunteer firefighters repaired two severed lines Friday, just in time for the Save Our Stepney Task Force to fly military flags on Independence Day.

Public Works Director Chris Nowacki, left, and Steve Wolf, the town building maintainer, replace flag clips and halyard rope to repair flagpoles on Stepney Green. Photo by Kathie Loehr

Joel Leneker, president of SOS, thanked the DPW and firefighters. He said flags for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and U.S. Coast Guard will be raised as soon as the weather allows.

“This just goes to show how quickly people in smaller communities work together to make a positive out of a negative,” Leneker said.

Public Works Director Chris Nowacki and Steve Wolf, the town building maintainer, replaced the flag clips and halyard rope and Stepney Fire Chief Dave Lewis and Assistant Fire Chief Darren Dyson restrung the poles. Stepney firefighters used their ladder truck to do the job.

The Save Our Stepney Task Force has a good relationship with the Stepney Volunteer Fire Co. SOS does a Tree Lighting on the green every year at Christmastime and an exciting moment for children is when firefighters arrive with Frosty the Snowman on their truck.

“All the members of our department are always eager to help with projects for the Stepney Green,” Lewis said. “It’s always a pleasure to help put the flags on the telephone poles every year, help deliver Frosty and assist with putting new lights on the tree for Christmas. Today was just another way for us to help our community.”

Stepney Volunteer Fire Co. uses its ladder truck to help restore flagpoles to working order after a vandalism on Stepney Green. Photo by Kathie Loehr

On Wednesday, Leneker filed a police report after a Pride Flag display on Stepney Green was vandalized overnight. Two flags were taken down and two others were torn down and the lines were cut. A lone Rainbow Flag on a pole surrounded by a thorny rosebush still flew.

Police Capt. Keith White said the incident is under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Monroe Police Department at 203-261-3622.

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