‘Tony Scott will serve our constituents very well in Hartford’

Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted on the day of the Monroe Rotary Club’s interviews with all three candidates for the Connecticut General Assembly’s 112th District seat.

To the Editor:

This morning I had the opportunity to listen to our three candidates vying to be our next 112th District Representative in Hartford. To be honest this is the first time I had ever seen or communicated with Bill Furrier. My view, he will truly be an independent voice in Hartford.

In full disclosure Tony Scott, Nick Kapoor have both continuously kept in touch not only during my eight years of being your First Selectman but after. I do appreciate their friendship and the work they do to make our town better. Knowing them as I do, Monroe would be lucky to have either as our 112th District Representative. Saying this, let me share some important facts that have led me to my endorsement decision.

Nick Kapoor without a doubt was the hardest working Town Council member, on a consistent basis, outside of JP Sredzinski and some members that only the hardcore Monroevian voters would know. My door was always open to Nick and his ideas. He always did his homework and knows this town very well.

I could only wish Tony Scott was on my administration’s various Town Councils. Tony was our Parks and Rec Commissioner and Chairman during my administration. Our Parks look the way they do largely because of the time and effort Tony put in. His fight to make sure Parks and Recreation got their proper funding was always professional and he also did his homework and came to the plate with many collaborative thoughts and ideas through programs and how to fund them. Tony was also a frequent visitor, caller and texter.

Where this vote gets tricky is who, in my opinion, would be a better voice in Hartford at this time in Connecticut and Monroe history.

I have known both candidates for just about the same amount of town. Although Nick Kapoor, having run for various offices so may be better known to the voting public, Tony Scott has many of the same mindsets and views on how to continue to work for the best interests of Monroe and Newtown.

While I care about our Representative voice in Hartford, I also care very deeply about our citizens’ voice here in Monroe. I truly believe Nick Kapoor is more needed to serve our Monroe citizens by staying his current course and that Tony Scott will serve our constituents very well in Hartford at this time in Connecticut and Monroe history.

Steve Vavrek


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