Tony Scott of Monroe is the 112th District’s new state representative

Tony Scott, right, the Republican candidate in the 112th District race, stands beside his campaign manager Ryan Condon at Masuk.

MONROE, CT — Tony Scott, a Town Councilman from Monroe, won a special election for the General Assembly’s open 112th District seat Tuesday, beating Nick Kapoor of Monroe, a Democrat serving on the Board of Education, by a vote of 2,248 to 1,948, according to the unofficial results.

William “Bill” Furrier of Sandy Hook, a chemical engineer and cosmetic formulation scientist who ran as an Independent, only garnered 31 votes from district residents in Monroe and Newtown.

“Nick fought hard,” Scott said. “He ran a hard campaign, but I think in the end the residents of the 112th District overwhelmingly saw me as the most authentic candidate, who they wanted to send to Hartford to make Connecticut more affordable and to fight the Dems up there with some of their tax proposals.”

Scott was grateful to his supporters, who filled out absentee ballots and showed up at the polls for him on Tuesday.

“I am truly humbled and honored to have their trust and to represent them up in Hartford,” he said. “Until I got to see them face-to-face today, I didn’t realize how precious their support truly was.”

Nick Kapoor, the Democrat running for the 112th District race, left, campaigns with Lt. Gov. Susan

Though disappointed by the outcome, Kapoor was encouraged by getting 46 percent of the vote in a district that heavily votes Republican, and where a Democrat has not held the legislative seat for over four decades.

“We had 120 volunteers who knocked on 8,000 doors and we brought my vision to the people,” Kapoor said. “It didn’t work out this time and Representative-Elect Scott has to now represent all of us.”

That is what Scott intends to do. Scott said he appreciates every voter who participated in Tuesday’s election, regardless of who they supported.

“I will be a voice for everybody in the 112th,” Scott said, “and if they voted for me or against me, I truly want to represent them. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to getting up to Hartford as soon as possible, as many important bills are being discussed today.”

Furrier said, “I was happy to get my message out there. I was hoping for a little more voter engagement. It’s a little disappointing, but it is what it is. Tony Scott’s a great guy. I’m a Republican. I’m glad the Republicans won.”

In Monroe, Scott won 53 percent of the vote, beating Kapoor 2,004 to 1,725, while Furrier had 24 votes, according to the unofficial tally. It was closer in Newtown, with Scott topping Kapoor 244 to 223 with 7 votes for Furrier.

Voter turnout in Monroe was 27.53 percent with 3,753 of Monroe’s 13,633 registered voters participating in the special election.

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