Tony Scott is ‘a resident you can trust to represent you in Hartford’

Dear Monroe Voters,

You have a special election on April 13th for the State Representative seat and I suggest you vote like your life depends upon it.

My friend Tony Scott deserves your vote. You may not know Tony, but I do and he’s a resident you can trust to represent you in Hartford.

Tony and his wife chose Monroe 14 years ago as their place to live and raise a family. Tony has faithfully served Monroe on the Economic Development Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission (as Chairman) and now serves on The Town Council. Tony has served without making himself the center of every meeting or newspaper article. He’s served without criticizing others or complaining when others disagree with him. Qualities which, in these divisive times, are valuable.

Monroe and Newtown need people like Tony Scott in Hartford. Tony is a Republican, but I’ve never heard him engage in the partisan bickering so many others quickly turn to. Tony considers the question, asks himself what is best for his constituents and then votes.

Connecticut’s Legislature has been run by the Democrat party for decades. The Democrats have brought you higher taxes on everything from your gas to your dry cleaning. Connecticut is one of the least affordable places to live or work thanks to Democrat control.

Monroe and Newtown need to send a voice to Hartford that will stand against the madness.

Get to the polls on April 13th or get an absentee ballot application at

Everyone can vote absentee in this election so don’t be silent on the most important election of your lives.

Vote for Tony Scott and vote to stand against the Democrat tax and spend machine hurting Monroe and Newtown’s families.

Patrick O’Hara

56 year resident and Town Treasurer of Monroe

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