Thunderstorm knocks out power to Monroe homes, most now restored

A police officer directs traffic on Monroe Turnpike, near the intersection of Kettle Creek Lane.

Wind from an afternoon thunderstorm downed trees all over town, blocking

An Eversource crew works on a line affected by tree damage from Wednesday’s storm on Route 111, near Kettle Creek Lane.

some roads and falling onto wires. First Selectman Ken Kellogg says up to 3,000 homes lost power at one point.

According to Eversource Energy’s outage map, that number was down to 519 of its 7,974 customers by 6 p.m.

“We’re very busy working with police, public works and Eversource,” Kellogg said. “Eversource is on the ground. The vast majorty of the power outages have been restored.”

Kellogg said he has heard no reports of injuries or extensive damage at this time.

An Eversource crew works on downed wires at Shalimar Fields, 153 Bagburn Hill Road.

Traffic lights on Monroe Turnpike (Route 111) were out at one time, but the first selectman said power was restored to the lights.

Police Capt. Keith White said a total of 15 roads are partially or fully blocked and there were two minor motor vehicle accidents.

Kellogg said most of the work that is left is on Wheeler Road and the 500 block of Elm Street and at the intersection of Route 111 and East Village Road.

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