Think you know Monroe history? Take the Monroe Through Time quiz

MONROE, CT — Town history buffs, and longtime residents who’ve heard stories over the years, can test their knowledge with today’s quiz. For others it’s a fun way to learn interesting facts about Monroe’s past.

Monroe Through Time

The Monroe Historical Society's book, "Monroe Through Time," available at Edith Wheeler Memorial Library, is full of photos chronicling the town's history. The Monroe Sun referenced the book for this 10-question quiz. See how well you do!


  1. I was born and raised in Monroe, moved to Easton in 1950 then to Florida
    in 1974 then returned to Monroe in 2015. My parents owned and operated
    the Monroe Airport. Ben Hurd constructed the airport out of the Monroe Race Tract and opened the airport in 1941 but closed for two years during WW II
    when we moved and operated an airport in Wingdale, NY. The United States
    government closed all private airports within 50 miles of the coast

    • U S Government closed all private airports within 50 miles of the coast in
      World War II. There were Uboats from the Nazi enemy who were operating
      off the Atlantic coast including Long Island Sound. Bridgeport had many
      factories producing all kinds of war materials. The factories had small
      balloons tendered to their companies to protect them from foreign aircraft.

    • Im new to Monroe, Ct. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Lois Hurd Hayden. She’s so sweet. Said she learned to fly at 13 yr old but was able to get her license and fly until she turned 16. Delightful lady. she gave me her cell number and said to csll her for additional Monroe history.

  2. I lived in Monroe from 1984-1998 and was very active in raising funds to be disbursed via the Jr. Women’s Club. I ran the Country Treasures Craft Show for many years and have amazing memories of this beautiful town. I created a series of paintings, limited edition prints of the various Town Greens as they appeared in the 1800s. Such rich history. I certainly miss so many aspects of that area. Everytime I see a picture of the town Gazebo, it was our group that built it. Miss you Monroe!

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