Thefts from vehicles in Meriden, Dayville lead to check cashing fraud in Monroe

MONROE, CT — The manager of the People’s United Bank at 401 Monroe Turnpike filed a fraud complaint Monday, after a teller cashed a $3,190 check for someone with a driver’s license not associated with the account.

Earlier in the day, a woman with dark hair and tanned skin pulled up to the drive-thru teller station with the intercom and tube device instead of the window, according to police.

She provided the correct name of the account holder to cash the check, but police said the driver’s license was wrong.

People’s fraud department was made aware of the incident and called the account holder, who told them over the past two days his wallet and checkbook were stolen from his vehicle in Meriden. He said he contacted his bank to freeze the account.

Officers contacted the woman whose name is on the driver’s license and she told them the window of her vehicle was smashed when she was at a gym in Dayville, Conn., earlier Monday morning and her wallet, which contained her I.D., was stolen.

During the day, police said she received phone calls from Danbury, Brookfield and Newtown police informing her someone tried to use her I.D. to fraudulently cash checks.

Other than the teller at the Monroe bank, police said one other bank approved a transaction. The other banks flagged it for fraud.

Over $13k deposited into her account

A Countryside Drive woman was victimized by identity thieves soon after her husband fell victim, according to a police complaint filed Friday, Aug. 26.

Police said she received several bank documents in the mail for credit union accounts opened in her name and was notified by Bank of America that security monitoring found $13,775 had been deposited into her personal checking account.

Identity thieves will often make a transaction to gain personal information from an account, according to police.

The bank froze the account and did not accept the transaction. Police said no money was lost, adding the victim had difficulty closing out one line of credit opened in her name.

She told officers she is unsure how scammers got her information.

Stolen pool cover

A Grist Mill Road man reported the theft of a pool cover from his driveway Monday morning.

He told officers he was closing down his swimming pool for the season, removed the cover and left it in his driveway on Aug. 24, folded up in the jacket it comes in. Then on Friday, Aug. 26, he noticed it was gone.

Police said he contacted the pool company to see if they came to close up the pool for him, but they had not.

Unemployment scam

Police continue to receive complaints of an unemployment benefit scam.

On Friday, a Monroe woman told officers someone tried to fraudulently file a claim in her name. There was no financial loss, according to the report.

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