The Ridge at Monroe receives approval to expand to 25 housing units

J. Edwards and Associates presented demos of designs for the single family detached houses for an age-restricted community called The Ridge at Monroe, which was approved for six more units at 1271 Monroe Turnpike.

MONROE, CT — Planning and Zoning Commissioners unanimously approved a proposal to add six more units to The Ridge at Monroe, an age 55-and-older housing community at 1271 Monroe Turnpike, Thursday. The modification of the previous approval allows the developer to increase it from 19 detached single-family housing units to 25.

Among the conditions of approval, the developer agreed to have additional screening along the property line for High Meadows, a neighboring age restricted community.

Voting in favor of the application was Acting Chairman Bruno Maini, Ryan Condon, Robert Westlund and two alternates who were seated at Thursday’s meeting: Nicole Lupo and Dominic Smeraglino.

Prior to the vote, Planning and Zoning Administrator Kathleen Gallagher noted there will be blasting limits and no crushing operation.

Fire Marshal William “Bill” Davin and Aquarion Water Co., which is installing the waterline, will decide where the fire hydrant will be.

Before the hearing closed, the applicant submitted a plan showing that a fire truck can maneuver through the complex, which was reviewed by the fire marshal, and provided a blasting plan outlining the procedures.

“We don’t anticipate much blasting, if any, but we would have to coordinate with the fire marshal,” said Jason Edwards, of J. Edwards & Associates, the engineering and surveying firm hired by the applicant.

Details of the lighting plan showed it is Dark Sky compliant to contain light to the site, and includes LED lighting with frosted glass fixtures.

Smeraglino asked whether the septic tanks could accommodate six more units. Edwards said there is a septic tank for each individual unit, adding those systems are under review by the Monroe Health Department.

Edwards also said the homeowners association will be responsible for ensuring that any septic systems that fail are repaired.

Westlund asked if the lights would use incandescent, screw-in bulbs. Edwards said it doesn’t have bulbs. Gallagher explained that light at the top of the fixture shines down, rather than outward and upward.

All of the units will have two bedrooms. During an earlier part of the hearing some commissioners questioned whether an all-purpose room in each unit could allow residents to convert it into a third bedroom.

Gallagher said the Health Department and the Building Department have their own definitions of a bedroom and other rooms should show it technically cannot be used as another bedroom.

During the public comment portion of the hearing, Jim Morganteen, of Underhill Road, president of the High Meadows’ homeowners association, said he noticed the six additional units moves The Ridge’s buildings closer to the stonewall at the north boundary between the two housing communities.

“None of us wants to look into each other’s backyards. Is there enough screening?” he asked.

Edwards said there is screening, which they believe is adequate. However, he said his client would be glad to work with High Meadows if they want a thicker buffer.

The buffer will include plantings of seven-foot-high Norway spruces and red maples.

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  1. In regard to the septic failure the response was that each unit will have their own tank. My development is 59 years old. Septic systems started failing 30 years ago. But it was not the tanks. It was the fields. But with one acre zoning, there were plenty of options for new fields. Will there be enough room for new fields if/when they are needed?

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