The 2021 Legislative Session is far from over

State Rep. Tony Scott

To the Editor,

While the General Assembly technically crossed the statutory finish line for the 2021 session when we adjourned on Wednesday, much of our work remains unfinished as we gear up for a special session in the next few days.

Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate were able to come into agreement on a two-year budget with no new taxes and a municipal aid boost for Monroe.

I supported this prudent budget agreement, which also makes a $150 million deposit in the state’s unemployment trust fund. The fund was hemorrhaging dollars due to sky-high pandemic unemployment, and Republicans helped to broker a deal that will ultimately prevent higher unemployment taxes and assessments for many local businesses in Monroe.

But our work remains unfinished in Hartford and the battle to hold the line against taxes continues in earnest.

State lawmakers will likely be called into a special session next week to debate legislation to enact the new budget.

This so-called ‘implementer’ bill is already becoming a potential vehicle for new taxes on families in the 112th District. Republican lawmakers are told the implementer may be used to resurrect the TCI gas tax proposal, which had previously been tabled for the session over public fears it would raise gas prices by as much as 26 cents per gallon.

This would not be the first maneuver to introduce new taxes during this session. Not long before debate began on the budget bill, roll call votes had already been held and passed to raise the bottle deposit and impose a new mileage-based highway tax.

I voted against both proposals and will continue to oppose attempts to levy additional taxes against our residents. Me and my colleagues in the House will continue to hold the line on this issue, while pushing for structural reforms to strengthen Connecticut’s long-term financial health.

Tony Scott

State Representative for the 112th District

Monroe and Newtown

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