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To the Editor:

As a member of the Monroe Town Council for the past 18 years, I think I can recognize outstanding leadership.  Ken Kellogg has been an exemplary leader and Monroe is a better place because of his leadership.

Throughout his many years of municipal service, Ken has been a tireless advocate for the residents and businesses of Monroe.  In his first two years as First Selectman, Ken has delivered on each of his campaign promises from 2017.  Over the past two budget cycles, he has delivered a net tax decrease, new recreational programing for members of the Senior Center,  increased hours of operation at the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library and Ron Wallisa Memorial Pool At Wolf Park, has coordinated the mailing of Wolfe Park stickers in your motor vehicle tax bills, and has reformed the Land Use department to become more business friendly.  These are just some of the great successes that Ken has accomplished in his short time as First Selectman.

While other municipalities have increased taxes and reduced services, Ken implemented solutions that reduce financial burdens and regulations on residents and businesses.  As Connecticut faces financial collapse, Monroe can be proud to say that we have a First Selectman that delivers on what he has promised.  “Experience. Leadership. Results” is the perfect slogan for Ken’s campaign.

Even though he is unopposed in his bid for First Selectman, I am asking you to show your support for the excellent job he has done by voting for him on November 5th.


Enid Lipeles

Monroe Town Council Vice Chairman

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  1. Enid Lipeles’ letter eloquently captures 1st selectman leadership and ability. We in Monroe are fortunate to have 1st selectman Kellogg as our Selectman. Please support Ken Kellogg by voting Republican on Election Day.

    Sean O’Rourke

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