Stepney second grader makes bracelets for a cause

Jordan Bosworth, a Stepney Elementary School second grader, shows off bracelets she created for a fundraiser benefitting the young patients at St. Jude Children's Hospital.

MONROE, CT — Jordan Bosworth is a second grader at Stepney Elementary School, who recently started making bracelets so she could donate the profits to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Even at the young age of seven, helping those in need is not something new to Jordan. For example, this past summer she donated her hair to be made into wigs for people who need them.

Recently, Jordan started creating and selling bracelets after she heard about the families at St. Jude who need money for medicine and to care for their children.

Jordan said one of her classmates introduced her to making bracelets, so she asked for a bracelet making kit for Christmas. Jordan’s little brother, Joey, gave her the kit, and Jordan watched videos online to learn how to make them.

She said the rings take about two minutes to make and the bracelets take around 10.

Jordan Bosworth, right, with her parents, Jed and Jaime Bosworth, and her little brother, Joey.

Jordan and Joey’s proud parents are Jed and Jaime Bosworth.

Jordan creates the bracelets with some assistance from her mother and packages them to be dropped off to those who buy them. Jordan has sold bracelets to her friends from school and her mother sells them to her co-workers.

A little over two weeks into the fundraiser, Jordan had already raised around $140. Jordan’s previous goal was $150, and she already beat it. As of Feb. 9, she had raised $205.

How to help

Jordan has made a great effort to create bracelets and jewelry for a big cause. For her birthday on Jan. 22, she asked for even more bracelet making materials, so she can keep doing what she loves.

Those wishing to contribute to Jordan’s cause, can click on this link to donate to her fundraiser.

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