Stepney Elementary School enjoys a ‘fabulous first day’

Stepney Elementary School Principal Ashley Furnari and her staff share a goal of sparking students’ curiosity in the world around them. After a long summer break, classes were back in session on Wednesday.

“It was a fabulous first day at Stepney,” she said.

Furnari shared a quote she received from one parent:

“My child came home so happy and absolutely LOVES Kindergarten! Thank you so much for making her transition easy. I already feel how much she is taken care of at Stepney.”

“Bravo to the Stepney staff that work tirelessly to ensure they meet the  unique academic, social, and emotional needs of each child, every day,” Furnari said. “This year, we are looking forward to teaching our students to ‘say something’ that will inspire, motivate and encourage them to wonder and ask questions about our world.”

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