Starbucks Plaza sold for $3,650,000 in June

Starbucks Plaza sold for over $3.6 million.

Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc. sold Starbucks Plaza to 525 Main Street LLC for $3,650,000 on June 11, topping real estate transactions for that month.

The principal member of the LLC is listed as Bruce Minoff of Easton, according to the Secretary of the State’s website. Minoff is the owner of Hansen’s Flower Shop in Fairfield.

Among the other property transactions filed at the Monroe Town Clerks Office between June 1 and June 20:

Lorraine E. Wilson sold her colonial at 30 Flint Ridge Road to Keith A. and Erin J. Hovan for $630,000 on June 3.

Michael A. Cerreta sold his colonial at 500 Cutlers Farm Road to Larisa Carin Barrera for $532,500 on June 5.

Brian A. Schrameck and Lindsay Darling sold their colonial at 308 Webb Circle to Thomas Vangorden and Francis Cullari for $485,000 on June 10.

Rajiv K. and Anju Khanna sold their raised ranch at 133 Swendsen Drive to Jean and Anne Florian for $454,000 on June 25.

Adam J. and Malgorzata Z. Hirsch sold ranch-style house at 31 Hawthorne Drive to Stephen Lasko for $445,000 on June 20.

Sarah Flanagan (trustee), Peter J. Flanagan and the Philbin S. Flanagan Living Trust sold a colonial at 88 Bug Hill Road to Brian and Janel Chap for $440,000 on June 3.

Nupsie F. and Murielle Exantus sold their Cape Cod-style house at 408 Fan Hill Road to Michael Albrecht for $435,000 on June 26.

Scott Tyler Stewart and Kimberly Stewart sold their colonial at 75 Stable Ridge Road to Seth A. and Jennifer M. Bader for $410,000 on June 3.

Stephanie W. and Rosanna M. Mendite sold their ranch-style house at 123 Swendsen Dr. to Keith R. and Linette Vetter for $407,000 on June 6.

James E. and Angela Marshall sold their colonial at 3 Purdy Hill Road to Byron Wilson and Sherri Brown for $390,000 on June 18.

Nora Easter sold her raised ranch at 80 Blue Hills Road to Horacio and Wanda Cardozo for $377,500 on June 17.

Rene M. Abdalah sold her ranch-style house to Evan David Sobel and Lauren Calgreen for $370,450 on June 25.

Samantha Spino and George Gilbert sold their split-level house at 114 Gay Bower Road to Luis M. Marchena for $360,000 on June 20.

Bing Chen sold his raised ranch at 76 Purdy Hill Road to Deena Videira for $350,000 on June 19.

Richard G. and Monique Pierce sold their colonial at 972 Monroe Turnpike to Jacob and Michelle L. Black for $333,000 on June 3.

The Estate of Gudrun A.M. Boncoddo sold his colonial at 439 Wheeler Road to Stephen G. and Jennifer A. Jobst for $330,000 on June 26.

Stephen J. Szanicz Jr. sold his Cape Cod-style house at 332 Fan Hill Road to Richard Tartaglia for $325,000 on June 26.

Robert J. Norling sold his colonial at 62 Pachaug Trail to Kyley Boag for $300,000 on June 20.

Alan L. Newton Jr., Amelia Newton and Samantha Brundage sold their raised ranch at 96 Lantern Drive to Austin Alterio for $298,000 on June 26.

Gregory and Mary-Alice Citrano sold their ranch-style house at 6 Cedar Terrace to Maressa and Stephen Zadrozny for $297,500 on June 12.

Theresa and Robert P. Oleyar sold their ranch-style house at 67 Pastors Walk to Hilaire L. Belizaire for $267,000 on June 4.

Lisa A. Cerbone sold her condo at 8 Echowoods Circle to Dana Hansen for $250,000 on June 3.

Carolyn W. Greene sold her mixed residential-commercial building at 575 Monroe Turnpike to Antonio Ferreira for $240,000 on June 18.

Maria Gerard sold her condo at 6 Rolling Ridge Road to Timothy Head for $235,000 on June 11.

Shirley A. Brothers sold her condo at 22 Hollow Tree Lane to Megan Richardson and Jacob Hagedus for $230,000 on June 28.

Angelina and Domenic Scerbo and Fred Scerbo Jr. sold their condo at 8 Edge Hill Circle to Dean Webb for $214,000 on June 18.

The Estate of John McCormack Jr. sold his condo at 11 Meadowlark Circle to Keith T. and Maureen A. McCormack for $213,750 on June 12.

Sarunas Sakalauskas sold a condo at 208 Windgate Circle to Karen and Louise Widdows for $195,000 on June 4.

Maria C. Bevilacqua sold her condo at 4 Highland Drive to Lorraine F. Hobby for $175,000 on June 25.

Sharon Carrano sold her ranch-style house at 237 Cottage St. to Michele Soltisiak and Kyle Moeller for $165,000 on June 6.

Scott C. Ingram sold his ownership in a condo at 92 Old Colony Road to Mary E. Ingram for $45,000 on June 12.

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