St. Jude to be paid for allowing Monroe elections in its gym

St. Jude Catholic Church, 707 Monroe Turnpike, had operated a school on its property for decades before closing it in 2018.

MONROE, CT — Town Council members had voted to reinstate the license agreement for the town’s use of St. Jude School, 707 Monroe Turnpike, while also allowing the Registrars of Voters to hold elections for the Presidential Primaries and the Budget Referendum inside the gym.

On Monday, Town Attorney Frank Lieto presented the Council with an amendment to this agreement after St. Jude Roman Catholic Church Corporation reviewed the changes, which would have allowed use of the gym at no charge.

“St. Jude thinks it’s more appropriate that the town pay $75-an-hour for use by the Registrars of Voters,” Lieto said during the Town Council’s meeting Monday.

First Selectman Terry Rooney told the Council he spoke to the Registrars of Voters and learned there is enough money in its proposed budget to cover the cost.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. on April 2 and May 7, totaling 28 hours, which comes to $2,100 for St. Jude.

The Town Council voted unanimously to adopt the new terms.

Both Presidential Primaries will be held in the St. Jude gym on April 2 and the town budget referendum will be held there on May 7 as the only polling place. Holding these events there will avoid disruptions at the town’s schools, while providing safety and security.

Though these elections are being held at St. Jude, Republican Registrar Debra Dutches said voters will always go to the town’s four polling places on Election Day in November.

“We’re just looking at St. Jude for smaller elections and primaries,” Democratic Registrar Katherine Briggs explained.

For information about the Presidential Primaries, click here.

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