Sredzinski named House Republican whip

State Rep. JP Sredzinski Contributed

HARTFORD — State Rep. J.P. Sredzinski, R-112th, last month was named a House Republican whip for the 2020 legislative session by House Republican Leader Themis Klarides, R-114th. Sredzinski will also continue his role as ranking member of the legislature’s Public Safety and Security Committee.

In his new role as whip, Sredzinski will be responsible for facilitating communication to and from leadership, organizing floor debate, tallying votes, and keeping record of caucus members’ positions on issues for legislation negotiations.

“Being named House Republican Whip is a great honor, and I thank House Republican Leader Klarides for the opportunity,” said Sredzinski, who represents Monroe and a portion of Newtown. “The legislature will take up a number of issues during the 2020 session, and I look forward to advancing the House Republican Caucus’ legislative priorities, including resisting new taxes and tax increases, pushing back on the Democrats’ plan to put tolls on our highways and cutting spending and creating efficiencies within our government.”

Klarides said, “Rep. Sredzinski commands a great deal of respect in our caucus and has the knowledge and skills that will make him successful in this new role. Going into next year’s session, Rep. Sredzinski will be an asset in the House Republicans’ fight to protect taxpayers and create a business-friendly state for years to come.”

The 2020 session convenes Feb. 5 and will be a “short session” During a short session, legislators are only allowed to introduce bills with a financial focus and that make adjustments to the biennial state budget passed in 2019.

Anybody with legislative questions or input is encouraged to contact Sredzinski at 800-842-1423 or [email protected].

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  1. I am INCREDIBLY proud of my good friend JP Sredzinski with getting this responsibility. JP is one of the true conservative voices in Hartford who knows how to get things done and will actually stand up for his principles. I have the utmost respect for JP and he is, IMHO, one of the rising stars in the Republican Party and one of the few who actually gives me hope that this state might one day come to it’s senses. Congratulations JP, you not only make me proud, but you make the entire community proud…

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