Spokesperson: Closure of Bank of America’s Monroe branch only temporary

Bank of America has a branch at 461 Monroe Turnpike in Monroe, Conn. Field Card Photo

MONROE, CT — A spokesperson for Bank of America says the closure of the town’s branch at 461 Monroe Turnpike, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is only temporary.

“Some of our financial centers in Southern Connecticut, including our Monroe Turnpike location, are temporarily closed as we continue to take several steps to support our clients and employees during the continued health crisis,” Vanessa Cook said in an email exchange with The Sun. “Over the past year, we have balanced the need to stay open in as many locations as possible, while also prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our employees and clients.”

Cook said the temporary financial center closures were made at smaller locations in areas that are close to larger locations more able to accommodate social distancing, where there are fewer visits or when staffing may not be sufficient for all to remain open.

“When a center closes, we work to reopen it as soon as possible,” she said. “For customers affected by the current closure, Newtown and Trumbull are the next closest locations.”

Bank of America’s clients always have the ability to manage many of their financial needs through the bank’s ATM network, which will continue to remain available, as well as through its mobile banking and online at bankofamerica.com, according to Cook.

“Our branch locator tool on our website offers the most up to date information on hours of operation as well as the nearest ATMs,” she said. “We’ve also created a dedicated number (866-834-9286) that clients can call for the most up to date information about locations open nearby and the nearest ATMs in our area.”

“We will continue accommodating appointments for clients needing to access their safe box at Monroe, and customers should call the number above to arrange an appointment,” Cook continued in her email.


    • Hi Yun, you read an old story that ran on April 13, 2021. I think you’re right about it being permanently closed.

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