Something must be done to slow speeding drivers on Hattertown Road

To the Editor:

Without commenting on the specifics of any particular incident, I believe recent accidents on Hattertown Road are a wake-up call regarding the unsafe speeding and distracted driving that is pervasive on this busy street. Sadly, I think if things keep up this way, someone could be injured or killed. I hold my breath every time my pregnant wife and young son pull out of our driveway.

I have the utmost respect for the Monroe Police Department and have had positive interactions with the men and women of the department since moving to town several years ago. However, regarding the dangerous speeding on Hattertown Road, more needs to be done.

I have contacted the department several times over many months. A speed indicator sign was placed recently and has perhaps helped a little. However, significant speeding continues to put the community at risk. I pray more can be done before something terrible happens.

Cam Gould

Monroe resident

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. We live on Hattertown near the Guinea intersection. People drive way too fast on this road. Especially late at night. We have 4 young daughters and a dog. For the most part, I feel like I can’t even let them play in the front yard.

    While Monroe PD patrols periodically, more needs to be done. Possibly even a few speed humps. I’ve seen numerous cars slide off the road during winter conditions.

    It’s a very dangerous road and I would also like to echo Cam’s concerns.

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