Someone changed a Monroe woman’s mailing address to Murfreesboro, Tenn.

MONROE, CT — A 65-year-old Moose Hill Road woman told police someone changed her mailing address to Murfreesboro, Tenn., without her knowledge.

She contacted the Post Office and was unable to obtain information about who changed it and why, police said of the complaint made Saturday, adding she is unsure if this was an accident or an intentional scam to try to obtain her tax rebate in the mail.

Police said she checked her bank accounts and no money was lost, and no new accounts were opened in her name.

She was advised to sign up for credit protection and to contact the three major credit bureaus.

‘Eugene’ can use your bank card

A 71-year-old North Hillside Lane man told police he was locked out of his AOL account and learned his passwords were changed for it, as well as for his Fidelity and Ameriprise accounts, according to a complaint filed Saturday.

Police said the victim’s bank told him a duplicate card was being shipped to him and a new authorized user was being added to his account, though he did not ask for either. The other user was identified as a man named Eugene from Owosso, Mich.

The bank was able to rectify the information before a card was delivered, police said.

The Monroe man, who told police he believes he was a victim of identity theft since 2008, contacted the Social Security Administration and the three major credit bureaus, according to the report.


Officers responding to a vandalism complaint at a housing complex on Fairmount Drive Saturday, found it was actually a motor vehicle accident with evading.

A 33-year-old Monroe man told police his white Infinity Q50 was parked in a space there since Thursday and he discovered several scratches on it, the transfer of red paint, and a large dent above the wheel well of his vehicle and in the driver’s side rear passenger door, the report said.

Police said there were no witnesses or video evidence showing a driver causing the damage.

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