Snowstorm: No outages in Monroe so far, roads are open

First Selectman Terry Rooney shared photos of a fallen tree on Maple Drive and the plow truck ride to the scene.

Update: Just before 2 p.m., Police Chief Keith White told The Sun Monroe now has 25 power outages and officers are finding several abandoned vehicles throughout the town.


MONROE, CT — First Selectman Terry Rooney went out with a plow truck driver to watch a public works department crew remove a tree that fell over on Maple Drive amid Tuesday’s snowstorm.

“DPW moved it right away. I was pleased with the response,” Rooney said late Tuesday morning. “The limbs are getting heavy. It’s a heavy snow which can snap branches and trees, so I’m hoping there aren’t going to be any power outages.”

The first selectman praised the work of Monroe’s plow truck drivers, who have kept Monroe’s roads open, especially the main arteries — a number one priority for emergency services.

Rooney said Monroe’s drivers arrived to work by 1:30 a.m. and have been plowing and sanding throughout the day.

“I kept Town Hall open this morning, because the storm was looking to track south,” he said. “But when it looked like it was not letting up, I closed Town Hall at 11 a.m.”

Edith Wheeler Memorial Library and the Monroe Senior Center are also closed.

The storm, which was predicted to bring one to three inches of snowfall is supposed to taper off by 1:30 p.m.

Monroe Police Lt. Michael Sweeney said there are no reported power outages, road closures or major accidents. Aside from Maple Drive, Sweeney said there was a report of a tree contacting wires on Harvester Road, but it didn’t cause a power outage.

He said drivers have done a good job of staying off the roads while the highway department works.

“Stay off the roads and let them do their jobs, especially after the storm ends,” Sweeney said. “Give them another hour. Call ahead if you’re going out to make sure things are still open. Right now it’s a little slick and still coming down.”

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