Small Business Saturday is this weekend

MONROE, CT — Residents shopping for a clothes and accessories, a bottle of wine, toys for their children and taking their family out to dinner this Saturday have no shortage of options in Monroe.

When schools, youth sports organizations and programs like Project Warmth and the Monroe Food Pantry need financial assistance, it’s the town’s generous small business owners who always step up to help.

Small businesses are an important part of Monroe’s character, but staying afloat while competing with national chains and internet shopping poses a constant challenge.

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities.

“I encourage everyone to shop locally at our small businesses that rely so heavily on our support,” First Selectman Ken Kellogg said. “These Monroe businesses create jobs, help to diversify our tax base, and contribute to many of our community fundraisers.”

“We’ve worked hard to create a business-friendly regulatory environment in Monroe, but these businesses will only grow and succeed if we give them our patronage,” he added.

William Holsworth, the town’s community and economic development director, also urges residents to first consider what Monroe has to offer before shopping and going out to eat this weekend.

“Small Business Saturday is a great way for regional residents to personally experience the interaction between business owners and their customers,” Holsworth said. “It is about the face to face transaction, not that of a faceless ‘add to cart’ one. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to visit our eclectic mix of small businesses that call Monroe home!”

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