Sen. Kelly: Lawmakers must work together against spike in juvenile car thefts

Sen. Kevin Kelly

HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-21st) released the following statement after a recent Judiciary Committee public hearing involving bills related to juvenile car thefts.

“Today the public is weighing in on ways our state can address a disturbing rise in juvenile car thefts,” he said. “I hope that members of the legislature will take into consideration all perspectives and work together to craft legislation that will be most effective in ending this spike in crime. Currently, both the police and the courts find it nearly impossible to detain or prosecute a juvenile who is caught stealing a car, even for repeat offenders.”

“Such auto thefts are not limited to any given area; they are occurring in cities and towns across our state,” Kelly continued. “Moreover, auto thefts are not limited to property crimes and they lead to even more serious crimes that jeopardize the safety of other drivers, law enforcement and all communities.”

“Connecticut Republicans have proposed bills that would give law enforcement officers and our courts the tools they need to reduce these crimes,” he said. “We must continue this conversation together and adopt real solutions to stop future crimes.”

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