Sandy Hook man charged in burglary of landscaping equipment

MONROE, CT — A Sandy Hook man turned himself in on a warrant July 9, stemming from the burglary of a storage container at a landscaping business on Pepper Street, reported on June 19.

Eric Carmichael, 45, of Berkshire Road, was charged with third-degree burglary and third-degree larceny. He was released on $1,000 bond for a July 20 court date.

In June, the lock was broken off a storage container and $5,775 worth of equipment was taken, including six chainsaws, a Snatch Block hand tool pulley and 150 feet of rope, police said.

During their investigation, police identified Carmichael as a former employee and, when officers went to his home to speak with him, one of the stolen chainsaws was in back of a pickup truck in plain view, according to the report.

Police said the owner of the truck told them he received the chainsaw as payment for work on Carmichael’s home.

Mailbox vandalism on Hannah Lane

Four mailboxes were damaged by a group of males on Hannah Lane Sunday.

Police said one homeowner captured still photos with a surveillance camera, which show five males walk along Hannah Drive, stop at the end of his driveway, destroy his mailbox and run away at approximately 1:15 a.m.

The resident did not recognize any of them, police said, adding the mailbox was knocked over, causing about $100 worth of damage.

Three other mailboxes on the street were also vandalized.

Identity thief buys a laptop

A local man told police someone fraudulently used his Walmart account to purchase a $456 laptop computer online, according to a police report made Tuesday.

The victim already contacted the major credit bureaus and he is currently monitoring his credit, police said.

Damage from Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa left some damage in its wake last Friday as high winds knocked down wires and trees in some parts of town.

Firefighters responded to a transformer fire on Camelot Drive, near Barn Hill Road around 11:14 a.m.

Police notified Eversource about several wires that were down on Barn Hill by Captains Hill and Brinsmaid roads. One wire hanging down in front of the 160-block of Barn Hill was low enough for a truck to hit going by. Police said the wire was not live.

A section of Barn Hill Road was closed from Summer View Drive to Nickel Place.

In another report, a tree fell onto wires and into the road on Pepper Street, at Route 25, police said.

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