One thought on “Republican running for Congress opines on Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade

  1. Dr. Goldstein,

    It may not be entirely so that Dobbs will not affect Connecticut residents. Dobbs only decided that there is no right to an abortion under the US Constitution. As a matter of state law, Connecticut is pro-choice. However, there has been talk of codifying Roe or prohibiting abortion, as a matter of federal legislation. Under the current makeup of congress and the presidency I don’t think this can practically happen, either way. However, in a press conference just given in Madrid, Biden said that Roe and the right to privacy should be codified and that if the filibuster in the senate gets in the way, and exception should be made for legislating the right of privacy.

    If party control of congress and the presidency should shift, however, I imagine congress could legislate in another way, and there could be a possibility of federal legislation overriding Connecticut’s pro-choice status.

    Should you be elected and continue in office when such a possibility could exist, your position on pro-life and pro-choice may matter to Connecticut voters. What is your position on whether, if it comes to a matter of federal legislation:

    Abortion should be banned, without exception.

    Abortion should be banned, subject to exceptions, as in rape, non-viable fetus, serious threat to the health of the pregnant woman, and any other exception.

    If this should be the case, what are the exceptions and up to what point in a pregnancy for each.

    A pregnant woman should be allowed absolute discretion to terminate her pregnancy up to some point in it.

    If this should be the case, up to what point.

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