Quiz Game: Where am I?

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MONROE, CT — Some people frequent certain places without taking much of an interest in exploring the surroundings of their entire hometown, while others know the roads like the back of their own hand.

How well do you know Monroe’s bodies of water, places and intersections? Play this quiz game to test your local geography!

Where am I?

When I was editor of the Fairfield Sun years ago, I used the lead photo on the editorial page for a game called "Where am I?" My photos were taken in different parts of town and readers guessed where.

Now, I decided to bring the game to Monroe! So, how well do you know your town? Take this quiz and find out!

8 thoughts on “Quiz Game: Where am I?

  1. I spent 25 years growing up in Monroe Connecticut but I have not been there in almost 20 years I am living in beautiful Beaufort South Carolina its awesome here

    • Thanks Vic, I had thought your comment was on the history quiz, which was a tough one! I’m not surprised you aced this one, because you probably know Monroe’s roads like the back of your own hand!

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