Quarantine got you down? Play the Sun’s first quiz game!

Working and sitting around the house to hide from the coronavirus can be a drag. Pass the time by taking The Monroe Sun’s first quiz game.

Monroe’s people, places and things

How well do you know Monroe and its people, places, things and general goings on? Take this quiz and find out!


  1. I have been in quarantine a long time, wow 4 out of 10. Great quiz and more than average thought to have a quiz. Only on The Monroe Sun ! Thank You !

  2. I left Monroe for Florida in 1969. Was devastated when the Courier went “under”.
    I’m happy now – you (the Sun) are MUCH better. Keep up the great work.
    Thanx for the quiz.

  3. Thanks Bill, Great quiz and what do you know, I got all 10 correct. Keep up the great reporting and the community spirit.

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