Poll Question: Who’s watching your children this week?

MONROE, Conn. — The coronavirus pandemic caused the sudden closing of Monroe’s public schools this week, which may have left many working parents feeling flat footed on how to care for their children during the day.

The Monroe Sun asked townspeople to share how they’re getting through this unprecedented time on our Facebook page — and this short story includes a poll question at the end.

Here are the following responses to the Facebook question: “Do you have a plan to care for your children next week or are the school closings forcing you to scramble to figure something out?”

Lots of college kids home that might be looking for babysitting hours. Might be an option for some working parents,” Kate Foley wrote.

“I’m wondering how employers who are asking / allowing their employees to work from home are expecting them to do that with their kids there,” Mary Porter wrote. “Maybe it’s time for neighbors to get to know each other and develop co-ops! (My kids are grown but I share the concern that they have – daycare follows the school schedule).”

Robert Hardy wrote, My wife and I work from home, fortunately… So they’ll entertain themselves under our loose supervision,”

Still trying to figure out what to do,” Ed Aleman wrote. “My wife and I both get busier at work in times like these.”

“I have my grandbabies for my working daughter,” Tracy Lynn wrote.


  1. You forgot to add “I am because I’m out of work due to my employer shutting down until this is over.”

    I work in a public school system as an hourly employee, as do hundreds of others in dozens of other school systems. We were sent home and no pay is expected.

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