Police: Woman blackmailed man over nude photos on Snapchat

MONROE, CT — A local man told police he started engaging a woman in conversations on Snapchat and over time, they exchanged nude photos. But then the woman reportedly blackmailed him, threatening to send his pictures to his family and friends if he did not meet her demands, according to a complaint made Saturday.

Police said he sent her a $15 gift certificate to Google Play. Then she asked for $300. That’s when the victim decided to file a complaint with police instead.

DUI arrest

A 49-year-old Monroe man was charged with DUI after another driver complained that he was driving erratically on Route 34, before turning into the parking lot of Lakeside Wine & Liquor Saturday night.

Police said the odor of an alcoholic beverage was emanating from inside the pickup truck, the driver’s eyes were glassy, his speech was slow and slurred and he was unable to follow simple directions.

An officer observed an open bottle of vodka inside the truck, as well as other unopened and empty liquor bottles, according to police.

The driver refused to participate in field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI and failure to maintain the proper lane, police said. He was released on $380 bond for a May 16 court date.

The incident occurred around 8:26 p.m.

Stolen check altered

El Coyote Restaurant mailed a $399 check to a vendor, before it was stolen, changed to $37,000 and cashed. The business discovered the theft when a bank statement was short by that amount, according to a complaint filed Saturday.

I.D. theft

On Saturday, a Monroe man told police he received a Costco credit card in the mail, which he had never applied for.

He contacted the company and was told someone in Staten Island created the account using his Social Security number and other identifying information, according to the report.

Police said the card was never activated and Costco cancelled it, so there was no financial loss. However, police advised the victim to contact the major credit bureaus and the Social Security Administration.

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