Police respond to surge in dirt bike, ATV complaints over the weekend

MONROE, CT — Police officers responded to several noise complaints involving ATVs and dirt bikes over the weekend. Lt. Stephen Corrone attributes the rise in complaints to people being cooped up in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think because people are home more, they are taking notice,” he said Monday, “and I think others are trying to get out and ride their dirt bikes, while trying to find something to do.”

However, he said there has always been a problem with ATV and dirt bike riders trespassing onto private property, especially in the Stevenson area, where Webb Mountain Park meets the lower section by the train tracks.

Corrone said the town placed large logs to discourage people from using trails near the boat ramp on Route 34 to get there.

On Saturday, officers approached Westport residents as they were unloading their ATVs in a parking lot at the corner of Route 111 and 34. Corrone said they heard it was a good place to ride, but not that it is illegal, so the officers just asked them to leave.

The complaints came in on Saturday. Officers responded to a noise complaint from dirt bikes in Stevenson, but did not find the riders.

At around 6:28 p.m., a Brinsmaid Road resident complained about dirt bikes and ATVs being ridden on private property without permission. Officers issued a verbal warning to two males for creating a public disturbance.

Police also received complaints of four ATVs been ridden below the dam on Route 34. Corrone said it was on private property where signs are posted telling people not to ride there.

Officers responding to the complaint did not find anyone.

Police also received a complaint of trespassing with dirt bikes in the area of Pepper Street and Cambridge Drive on Saturday. When officers arrived, the riders were gone.

Police: Knife thrown in domestic

A local man was arrested following a domestic disturbance at his home on Woody Crest Road Sunday evening, in which police say he allegedly threw a knife at his brother during an argument.

Police said the knife missed its mark and nobody was injured in the incident, which occurred around 6:23 p.m., according to the report.

Joseph Peters, 46, of 23 Woody Crest Road, was charged with breach of peace and released on a promise to appear in court Monday.

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