Police Reports: What a McMess!

The double drive-thru was part of the renovation of the McDonald's at 390 Monroe Turnpike in Monroe.

MONROE, CT — A Westbrook man was banned from the McDonald’s at 390 Monroe Turnpike after slamming his hand down on a breakfast sandwich in frustration, as eggs, sauce and bacon shot out onto the counter, during an argument over bagel sauce Wednesday morning.

The manager called police about the disorderly conduct in his restaurant just after 10 a.m.

He told officers the customer ordered six breakfast sandwiches and three hot coffees at the drive thru window, then waited for the food to be brought out, while in a parking space in his red Ford Escort.

When the manager brought out the order, he forgot the coffees. As he went back inside to retrieve them, the customer followed him.

The customer asked for a Diet Coke and when the manager rang it up, the man insisted it should be free because of his inconvenience, police said.

The manager told him there was no inconvenience and offered to bring the coffee back to his car.

The man left the restaurant, only to return, holding one of the breakfast sandwiches. He demanded it be replaced, because it contained bagel dressing, according to the report.

The manager explained that all the breakfast bagel sandwiches have that dressing and that he should request not to have it in the future.

This led to the customer slamming his hand down onto the sandwich.

As the man left, the manager took down his license plate number to identify him and police said he was warned not to return to the restaurant.

Urine test leads to DUI arrest

A 30-year-old Monroe woman turned herself in on a warrant Tuesday, on a DUI charge stemming from a one-vehicle-crash on September 18, 2022.

At 5:19 p.m. on Sept. 18, police said she drove a 2009 Infinity G37 off the road on Swendsen Drive, where the vehicle became disabled between a small tree and the guardrail, while stuck on top of brush.

Police said her eyes were bloodshot and glossy, she spoke with a slurred speech, and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath.

She was taken to a hospital by Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel and police later obtained medical records, in which lab results for a urine sample showed the “presence of alcohol and certain drugs” in her system, the report said.

Based on the lab results and evidence at the scene of the accident, officers applied for an arrest warrant.

The woman was charged with DUI and released on $500 bond for a Feb. 15 court date.

Fraudulent bank account

A 62-year-old Blakeman Drive man told police someone stole and washed an $825 check he sent to a New Jersey realty company and used it to transfer $2,244 from his bank account to a newly created joint account in Queens, New York.

The account was under a business name the victim was unfamiliar with, according to the complaint, filed Saturday, Feb. 4.

He contacted his bank, which shutdown the fraudulent account and told him the money would be refunded within three-to-five business days, police said.

The victim told police he had sent out the check to the realty company about three weeks ago and knew something was wrong when, on Feb. 2, the company told him it did not receive it.

He was advised to contact his credit card companies and any banks he has an account with to inform them of the incident.

Unemployment fraud

On Monday, a 47-year-old Fan Hill Road man told police he received a fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits in the mail in November of 2022, but did not report it immediately because he thought his employer was handling it.

Then on Sunday, Feb. 5, he received a fraudulent 1099-G form from the Connecticut Department of Labor in connection to the fraudulent claim from November. He did not complete the form and reported incident to the Department of Labor, police said.

He did not suffer any financial loss, but was advised to inform his credit card companies, banking institutions, the Social Security Administration, the IRS and the three major credit bureaus about the incident.

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