Police Reports: Trespassing, road rage and mailbox vandalisms

MONROE, CT — A police officer on patrol stopped five youths, who walked across Route 111 and tried to access the former Stevenson Lumber Co. property early Sunday morning.

The officer who approached the group at approximately 1:22 a.m. believed the youths were intoxicated, police said, adding marijuana, paraphernalia and alcohol was in plain view inside one of their vehicles.

The group was made up of Shelton and Stratford residents, four males and one female. Two were 18, two were 19 and one was a 17-year-old juvenile, police said.

All were given warnings and the alcohol was seized, police said. The older youths were picked up by a driver service and the juvenile was picked up by his parents.

Road rage incident

A Monroe woman told police an angry male driver flipped her off in Norwalk, then followed her car, taking pictures, until she turned right onto Route 111 from the Route 25 Connector late Sunday morning.

Police could not find the other driver.

Mailbox vandalisms

Police responded to two complaints of mailbox vandalism Saturday. Both occurred sometime overnight.

A Walnut Street man shared information about his mailbox being damaged in hopes of getting more enforcement.

Another resident on Meadows End Road told police her mailbox was dented and scraped with most of its fasteners removed from the post. She estimated the damage to be about $350.

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