Police Reports: Shoplifting in Monroe ends with crash in Shelton

MONROE, CT — What started as a shoplifting incident at Stop and Shop on Monroe Turnpike ended in Shelton Monday when the car the alleged shoplifters were in crashed on Howe Avenue by the Shelton/Derby bridge.

Monroe police received the report that two people had left the store with items they hadn’t paid for and were loading them into a black Volkswagen sedan parked in the parking lot, according to police.

Officers pursued the car down Route 111 and after the car turned onto Route 110 toward Shelton. They also contacted Shelton police to make them aware the car would be crossing into that city.

Shelton police picked up the chase down Route 110 into downtown Shelton, where the car crashed. Shelton officers took the two men, Joshua Alvarez-Morales and Carlos Alberto Souffront, both 33, into custody.

The officers were able to recover some of the stolen items, which were returned to Stop and Shop, police said.

It was later learned that Alvarez-Morales had a warrant out of Bridgeport for violation of probation, which Monroe police served. He was held in lieu of $1,000 bond on those charges.


Trees – and pinecones – fell, cars crashed during storm Saturday

The storm that swept through the area Saturday resulted in trees down and power outages throughout town.

At 4:14 p.m. police received a report of a tree across the road on Monroe Turnpike by Crownview Drive., and less than 10 minutes later, another down across Old Zoar Road. around 5 p.m., another tree was reported across Old Zoar Road.

There also was a report that there were dozens of pine cones on Monroe Turnpike by Wheeler Road, and two accidents were reported on Monroe Turnpike. Neither accident had any injuries, police said.


Unruly Stop and Shop customer flees, leaving wallet behind

On Sunday, police received a report of a man making a scene at Stop and Shop.

The man was “yelling and throwing items in the store,” according to police reports. He left the store before police arrived but he also left his wallet in the store, which police found.

Officers located the man in the parking lot and warned him not to return to the store, police said.


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