Police Reports: Pickup truck vs. motorized bicycle, scam averted

MONROE, CT — A juvenile was given a verbal warning after a collision with his motorized bicycle and a RAM truck  at the intersection of a Stop & Shop driveway and Monroe Turnpike Monday evening. There were no injuries, according to police.

Just before 5 p.m., police said the driver of the truck was stopped at a red light and attempted to turn left when it turned green. Then the motorized bicycle entered the intersection, crossing the crosswalk.

Police said the driver did not have time to stop and collided with the bike.

The juvenile was given a verbal warning for driving a motor-driven vehicle on the sidewalk. Police said scooters and bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks and must abide by the rules of the road.

Fraud averted

A Monroe woman nearly fell for an online scam when a popup told her to call Microsoft Monday. When she called the phone number provided, a man claimed her banking information was compromised, $6,000 was charged to her accounts, and her information had been used to download child porn from China.

He told her the solution was for her to purchase $6,000 worth of gift cards and give him the activation numbers. The woman bought the cards, but then became suspicious of the request and, rather than giving the man the numbers, she called police, who told her it was a scam.

Though the woman incurred no financial loss, she canceled her credit cards and police recommended that she contact the three major credit bureaus and notify her banks of the incident.

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