Police Reports: Nude photos and extortion, anger over Coinstar

A Monroe man reported an online extortion attempt to police Sunday.

He was messaging with a woman on Facebook, who told him she had a big inheritance, but was too young to collect it. Police said she told the man she could get it if he sent her $100 worth of gift cards — and he sent it to her.

After that, nude photos were exchanged, then she shared how she knew two female relatives of his and threatened to send them his photos if he did not give her $2,000, according to police.

Rather than sending her the money, the resident decided to report the incident to police.

Anger over Coinstar leads to DUI

Police officers responded to a disturbance at Stop & Shop Friday night, after a customer allegedly started yelling at information desk employees, because he was exchanging coins for cash at a Coinstar machine and became upset to learn it charges a percentage for each transaction.

Richard Gosnell, 55, of Beardsley Drive in Monroe, demanded to see the manager and said he “needs to blast somebody,” which store employees took to mean “yell at,” according to police.

Gosnell left the store, but the employees took down a description of his vehicle. They also told officers he had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on him.

Police found Gosnell in the parking lot and he participated in field sobriety tests, which determined he was under the influence, police said.

Gosnell was charged with breach of peace and operating under the influence. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 5.

Nissan vs. a utility pole

A California man was taken to Bridgeport Hospital with neck and back pain Sunday afternoon, after losing control of his Nissan Altima heading south on Cutlers Farm Road and hitting a guardrail and a utility pole, breaking it.

Police said Kyle Deegan’s car slid on the wet pavement and he pulled the emergency break, before hitting the guard rail and utility pole.

Deegan, 20, of 26243 Retaluma Avenue in Moreno Valley, was issued a written warning for traveling too fast for conditions.

Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel and firefighters responded to the crash. Eversource was called to fix the utility pole and the Monroe Department of Public Works repaired the guard rail.

Ghost hunting fears

Three people from out-of-state were issued verbal warnings for simple trespass at 12:32 a.m. Sunday, after officers responded to a complaint of a Cadillac parked at Stepney Cemetery with its lights off.

According to local lore,  there were sightings of the White Lady ghost at Union Cemetery on Route 59 in Easton and Stepney Cemetery in Monroe over the years. Famous paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, of Monroe, is also buried in Stepney Cemetery.

Police ramped up patrols at Knollwood Street over the weekend to keep trespassers out of the neighborhood due to complaints of people trying to see Warren’s old house, which used to be used for the Warren’s Occult Museum — an operation that was closed for a zoning violation.

Officers did stop two men just before 1 a.m. Sunday, but they were just there to return items to the house, according to police.

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