Police Reports: ‘Jay was here’, ex-wife in the bushes, extradition …

Graffiti in red, white and blue spray paint was found on a portion of Spring Hill Road Monday afternoon.

MONROE, CT — Police received a vandalism complaint in the area of 373 Spring Hill Road Monday afternoon and found messages in red, white and blue spray paint in several sections of roadway, spanning 135 feet.

Messages included “not for the taking” in two spots, “no site plan” and “Jay was here 4/10/23.”

Coincidentally, Jay DuBac, of Vermont, has been fighting the town’s recent decision to close the portion of Spring Hill Road and to save his late parents’ house at 373 Spring Hill Road from foreclosure.

On Monday night, he participated in public comments at the Town Council meeting to complain about the town giving up the portion of the road for a developer to enhance her property without a site plan.

Ex-wife in the bushes

A 50-year-old Mill Brook Terrace man told officers he found a recording device hidden under the deck of his home Tuesday.

Police said he believes the Olympus recording device was left behind by his ex-wife during her arrest on trespassing and electronic stalking charges last year.

Then on Wednesday night, at around 8:25 p.m., he called police again, this time to report seeing his ex-wife, 51, on his property despite a protective order allowing no contact, including staying away from his home.

Officers located a vehicle belonging to his ex-wife and later found her hiding in the bushes near the complainant’s residence, according to police.

She was charged with violation of the protective order. Police said she complained of a medical issue and was taken to the hospital to be evaluated before being released on a promise to appear in court on April 17.

Beer and cigarettes

Monroe police officers extradited a prisoner, being held at Nassau County Correctional Center in Long Island on unrelated charges, Tuesday on a warrant stemming from an incident on December 20, 2022, when a stolen credit card was used to buy $2,596 worth of beer and cigarettes from FM One Stop, 447 Monroe Turnpike.

Keiandre Turner, 28, of 544 Old Country Road in Plainview, N.Y., was the second suspect charged with the crime.

He allegedly stood beside Kenny Cesaire, 30, of 839 Center Drive in Baldwin, N.Y., when Cesaire used the credit card, police said, adding Cesaire was arrested on a warrant on March 16.

Turner was charged with third-degree larceny, criminal liability/identity theft in the third-degree, criminal liability/illegal use of a payment card and criminal liability/criminal impersonation. He was released on $5,000 bond for an April 19 court date.

Identity theft

A Monroe woman received a Bank of America credit card in the mail, but did not have an account with the bank, so she called and learned an identity thief used her name, address, telephone number and Social Security number to apply for the card online, according to a police complaint filed Monday.

The card was canceled and there was no financial loss at the time, police said, adding the victim contacted the three major credit bureaus, had her credit frozen, and was advised to contact the Social Security Administration about the incident.

Beefing up patrols

The owner of a clearing along an access road off Spring Hill Road, at the Trumbull-Monroe line, told police about issues with the Long Hill Fire Department of Trumbull responding to fires in the area, where officers found a dug out fire pit with burnt wooden remains near 15 wooden pallets, fire extinguishers, empty beer cans and broken car parts Tuesday night.

After it was determined to be happening on the Monroe side of the town line, Monroe police said they will patrol the area more frequently to discourage trespassing and prevent fires and criminal mischief.

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