Police reports: Drive-by eggings, fraud, theft …

A female driver told police she was heading south on Pepper Street Saturday night, when an egg was thrown at her car from a passing vehicle.

Police said she initially thought it was a snowball, before realizing it was an egg. She had no description of the other vehicle. The incident occurred around 10:15 p.m.

In another report Saturday night, a Heather Road woman told police youths were throwing eggs at houses from cars. She does not wish to file criminal charges.

I.D. thief maxes out card

A Guinea Road woman learned of fraudulent charges on her credit card after trying to use it and being informed it was maxed out.

On Friday, she told police four fraudulent charges were made on her credit card for a total of nearly $3,000 over the course of two months.

Stolen wallet

A Flint Ridge man reported his wallet stolen from the top drawer of the dresser in his bedroom Saturday.

Police said the man told an officer no one was at his residence lately, and that he canceled his credit cards.

Protective order violation

A Fairfield man was arrested for allegedly violating a protective order when he stayed at a home in Monroe.

Nicholas Rodriguez, 28, of 186 Vesper St., was released on $5,000 bond for a Dec. 9 court date.

Someone can be found in violation of a protective order, even if the protected party invites them over.

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