Police Reports: A crash, a DUI and an unemployment scam

Crash at Cross Hill and Elm

MONROE, CT — A New York woman blew past a stop sign, while driving her Chevrolet Traverse on Cross Hill Road, and struck a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the intersection with Elm Street late Saturday morning, according to police.

The Traverse hit the jeep, which was driven by a 52-year-old Monroe man, on its driver’s side, pushing it into a utility pole and a fence, before the jeep hit a tree, police said.

An ambulance from Echo Hose in Shelton responded to the scene, along with town firefighters. But police said no injuries were reported.

Yvonne Napier, 65, of Highland, N.Y., the driver of the Traverse, received an infraction for failure to obey a stop sign.

The crash occurred around 11:56 a.m.

DUI on Main

A Bridgeport man was charged with DUI after pulling into a commercial parking lot in the 460-block of Main Street Saturday night.

Goao Ramos Vieira, 30, of Jackson Avenue, was charged and released on $500 bond for a May 24 court date.

Around 6:12 p.m., police received a complaint about a driver of a gold Toyota Corolla operating erratically, and the caller told officers the car turned into the parking lot.

When officers arrived on the scene, police said they saw Ramos Vieira get out of his car and throw up. His eyes were bloodshot and glassy and he had trouble answering questions directly, police said.

Officers saw a plastic cup containing a yellow, amber liquid in plain sight, in the rear of the car, according to police, who said it was cinnamon whiskey.

Police said Ramos Vieira did not perform field tests to standard, leading to his arrest.

An unemployment scam

A Monroe woman reported an instance of fraud Friday, in which someone stole her identity and applied for unemployment benefits in her name.

Despite having a job and not having applied for unemployment insurance, police said the victim had received a letter from the Connecticut Department of Labor about an application on March 12.

The Department of Labor confirmed it was an instance of identity theft and no money was paid out, according to police.

Police advised the victim to check her credit periodically, check her credit reports and to notify her bank of the incident.

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