Police, firefighters and EMS respond to three crashes

First responders went to three crashes over the last few days, including from left, a two-vehicle with an extrication, a rollover with a pickup truck and one involving a delivery van that ended up hitting a tree. Monroe Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 Facebook photos

MONROE, CT — First responders were called to three motor vehicle crashes over the past few days, including one involving an extraction on Teller Road, a two-vehicle accident involving an Amazon delivery truck on Elm Street, and a rollover crash on Elm Street that led to a DUI.

Two people were taken to a hospital by Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service volunteers following a two-vehicle crash on Teller Road early Tuesday morning.

Firefighters had to remove the doors and roof to extricate an injured driver from one vehicle, according to the Monroe Volunteer Fire Department No. 1 Facebook page.

Police said the crash occurred at the intersection with Jenny Ridge Lane at around 7:10 a.m. No further details were released Tuesday.

In another incident on Monday, police said callers reported seeing a black Chevrolet pickup truck driven off the road in a possible rollover crash on Elm Street at around 7:21 p.m.

Police said the truck ended up a the driveway in the 240-block of Elm Street, facing east with heavy damage all over the vehicle. Firefighters who responded to the call said the truck went through a fence, before ending up in the driveway.

The driver, John Makara, 66, of Senior Drive in Monroe, had the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his person, police said, adding his performance on field sobriety tests were not done to standard.

Makara was charged with DUI and failure to maintain the proper lane. He was released on $400 bond for a Sept. 28 court date.

First responders received a call for another crash on Elm Street on Sunday, at approximately 3:16 p.m.

A 19-year-old Derby man told police he was driving north on Elm Street when he saw an Amazon delivery truck coming from Twin Brook Terrace go  through a stop sign and collide with his Toyota Camry.

Police said the truck continued moving, veering onto a property on Red Coat Lane and hitting a bush and a tree.

The delivery driver,  a 23-year-old New Haven man, was issued a warning for failure to obey a stop sign.

Firefighters also responded to the crash.


  1. I’m not surprised…the race course North, from the stop sign at church/fan hill race down the road, seemingly exceed the speed limit by 70mph. Yes, that means some bmw’s or motorcycles seem to approach the century mark prior to slowing for the 90 degree turn. Lord help any driver coming out of a driveway , or some animal crossing the street. Also, many of these drivers regard the stop sign an ‘advisement’, rather than a regulation, affording a higher top speed from a ‘running’ start. I appreciate the dedicated police officers trying to do their job, but perhaps a photo radar arrangement could be arranged. It could be paid for by the fines imposed by the violators.

  2. Elm Street and Cross Hill Road is a race track for our irresponsible neighbors and visitors. As far as they are concerned there is no speed limit and and stop signs do not apply to them. I have sent requests to both the Selectman and the Police chief to get control of this before someone gets seriously injured or killed by these people. The result is that you can see it reported here. It is a situation out of control on weekdays and totally insane on weekends. The police department is under resourced for the tasks that they are expected to perform. The selectman advised me that saftey cameras or video surveilance is not possible because there are no laws allowing this in the State of Connecticut because of concerns about privicy. I have contacted Tony Scott who advised that a proposal would be introduced in an upcomming session of the legislature. In the mean time, the town continues to pave roads in town creating these speedways, without it appears, to provide for the saftey of the the walking, running or bycycling public. What is it going to take to step up the enforcement, the death of a child, senior or a neighbor out for a walk? I hope not.

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