Police: Couple asking for money at gas stations gets $47 of gas, $250 cash

A 48-year-old Oxford man felt foolish after an encounter at the Henny Penny gas station on Route 34 on Dec. 8, when he paid for $47 worth of gas for a couple asking for help, then wound up giving them another $250 in cash for their journey, so he called police to report the incident on Monday afternoon.

The man told police he was approached by a woman wearing traditional muslim clothing, who was the passenger in a black Mercedes Benz SUV. She asked for money for gas and the man agreed to help her, swiping his credit card and pumping $47 worth of gas into the SUV.

The woman told him to speak with her husband, the driver, regarding compensation at a later time. Police said the driver offered the Oxford man jewelry to thank him for the gas, but he declined.

The husband said he lost his wallet and they needed money, because they were driving to California. The Oxford man took money out of his wallet and was counting it, when the driver took the cash out of his hands, though not forcefully, according to the report.

The driver kept $250 and gave back $8, police said, adding he asked the Oxford man for his phone number so he could reimburse him at a later time and he provided it, before the couple drove away.

Earlier in the day, police responded to a complaint about a woman asking patrons for money at the Gulf gas station at 536 Monroe Turnpike. She reportedly was a passenger of a gray Mercedes Benz SUV.

The officers were able to identify the woman as a 32-year-old Washington state resident. No money was given to her during that incident and she was asked to leave the property.

BMW SUV linked to theft of packages

Police received a report of someone in a dark colored BMW SUV driving up and down Karen Drive, checking door handles of parked vehicles and stealing packages from homes.

That afternoon, at approximately 4:19 p.m., an InstaCart delivery agent told officers she was approached by someone in a black BMW SUV who tried to get her to hand over her package. No other identifying information was available on Friday afternoon.

Then around 5:49 p.m. a 49-year-old Fan Hill Road woman told police a package containing $99 worth of items, which was delivered to her residence in the afternoon, was stolen.

She received a notification from Amazon around 3 p.m. that the package was delivered, along with a picture of the package at her door.

When she arrived home from work around 5 p.m., she told police a brown package was on the grass near her front door. She picked up the box and noticed it had been cut open and the items were missing.

She contacted Amazon and reordered her items at no charge, police said, adding there was no surveillance footage or any witnesses.

Hyundai hits utility pole

A 60-year-old Monroe woman was taken to Bridgeport Hospital with, what police believe to be, minor injuries after hitting a utility pole in the 600-block of Monroe Turnpike Wednesday night.

Just before 8 p.m., police said she was heading north on Route 111 in her silver 2020 Hyundai Elantra when she crossed over the double yellow center line, traveled into the south bound lane, then off the road where she struck the utility pole.

She reportedly told officers she was coming from the gas station and going home when she struck the utility pole. She told officers she didn’t know what happened and was not on her phone, according to police.

She was issued a warning for failure to maintain the established lane and evaluated by EMS personnel at the scene, before being taken to the hospital. Her vehicle was towed.

Dueling Instacart drivers

An Instacart driver admitted to spitting out of the window of his Toyota Sienna minivan while leaving the Century Plaza parking lot on Monroe Turnpike, following a verbal argument with a Shelton woman over an order Wednesday morning, but told officers he didn’t direct it at her.

At around 11:12 a.m., the woman, who is also an Instacart driver, told police she picked up an order from Big Y, where a male and female started yelling at her, accusing her of getting to an order before they did.

Police warned the other Instacart driver, a 23-year-old Bridgeport man, that his behavior was aggressive and that he could possibly be charged with breach of peace if he ever does anything like that again.


A 57-year-old Shelton man was issued an infraction for failure to grant the right-of-way from a private road or driveway Wednesday night, after reportedly causing a three-vehicle-crash, while attempting to turn left onto Route 25 from the parking lot at 701 Main St. in his 2022 Chevrolet Suburban.

Police said he attempted to head north on Main Street and told officers he looked both ways and did not see any other vehicles before going into his turn.

However, police said the black Suburban struck a red 2019 Honda CRV heading south. The driver of a red 2020 Subaru Forester traveling behind the Honda told officers she attempted to stop after the collision before rear ending it.

Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel evaluated the driver of the Honda, a 73-year-old Newtown woman, and the driver of the Subaru Forester, a 74-year-old Stratford woman, who had both complained of injuries.

The Newtown woman was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center for treatment of possible injuries, while the other driver declined further treatment, according to police, who said the Shelton man was not hurt.

The Honda and the Chevy were towed due to disabling damage. Firefighters also responded to the scene to clean leaking fluids from the vehicles.

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