Photo Gallery: Monroe students are back in school

Students arrive for their first day at Fawn Hollow Elementary School last year.

Superintendent of Schools Jack Zamary and Assistant Superintendent Joseph Kobza visited schools in the district Wednesday morning to greet students, teachers and administrators as they started their first day of school.

At Masuk High School smiling teachers walked across the parking lot to the building, while carrying bags of books and supplies. Several held a coffee-to-go mug.

Principal Dr. Jacob Greenwood and Assistant Principal Mark Schwarz joined Zamary and Kobza in welcoming students.

“We’re feeling great,” Greenwood said. “We waited all summer for this. It’s the best part of the school year.”

The busses arrived on time and the administrators welcomed students back, shook some hands and exchanged an occasional fist bump as the young men and women hurried past on the way to their homerooms.

Next, Kobza and Zamary drove to Jockey Hollow Middle School. While walking into the main lobby, Kobza noticed a paper sign on the office window that said, “Day 1.”

“Day 1, 181 to go,” he said with a smile.

Principal Jack Ceccolini showed his visitors a large sign in the lobby that students could pose in front of for pictures. A child would stand in the center of two large wings under the message: Soaring into a new school year!

Neha Lakha, 11, posed for her parents, who were dropping her off, and her little sister, Gia, 5, insisted on doing it too.

Traffic was tied up on Route 25, delaying the busses, but the last one, Bus 11, arrived at 8:11 a.m.

Kobza and Zamary headed to the Alternative School at Tollgate Plaza on Main Street. Inside, Zamary shook the hand of para-educator, Diane Corica, who sat at her desk.

“It’s gonna be a good year,” she said. “I’m ready. Absolutely. I think we’ve got a good crew, a lot of energy. We’re looking forward to moving with the new year.”

Zamary and Kobza had time for one more morning stop, before all the schools were in session. As Zamary drove toward the Fawn Hollow School parking lot, he came upon a long line of cars as parents had arrived to drop off their children.

“The number of parent drop offs and pick ups at the elementary schools are significant,” Zamary said.

Kim Nelly greeted children as they stepped off the busses and made sure they knew where to go. “I’m a reading counselor here, but today I’m a greeter,” she said with a smile.

Principal Rebecca Kosisko oversaw her staff members assisting the crowds of children coming into the building and kept track of how many busses had yet to show up.

“We love the first day,” she said. “We want this to be their best day of school. This is special. The staff has been preparing all summer long. The building looks beautiful and the classrooms are warm and inviting, so we are ready.”

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