Online puppy purchase goes awry

MONROE, CT — A local woman used her Zelle account to buy a puppy for $875 through a website online, and the delivery of her new pet was scheduled for July 28. But the puppy never arrived.

When she contacted the business, she was asked for more money for a crate to deliver the dog in. She said she didn’t have the funds and then all communication ceased, according to a police complaint made Wednesday.

Police investigated the breeder’s page and found a number of pet scam complaints were made about the site.

The victim was advised to contact the major credit bureaus to protect her finances.

Gift cards scam

Someone posing as a police officer called an elderly woman, threatening her with an arrest unless she purchased gift cards and gave him the codes. Then all charges would be dropped, according to the fraud complaint lodged Wednesday.

Police are investigating the incident.


Police are investigating an incident in which a driver damaged two mailboxes and a light post on Turkey Roost Road and evaded the scene.

A resident reported the incident Thursday at around 5:19 p.m. and said she believed it occurred a two hours ago.

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