No need for a recount. Janice Persico is a new Town Council member

Janice Persico, a Democrat, will soon begin her first term as a Monroe Town Council member.

MONROE, CT — Registrars were prepared to conduct a state-mandated recount Wednesday, due to the close race for one Town Council seat, in which Janice Persico beat fellow Democrats Jessica Katuska and Kathy Loehr by less than 20 votes, before both Katuska, who is an incumbent, and Loehr submitted letters to Election Moderator Peggy Villani to withdraw their names from the recount.

The letters saved the town from the extensive process of a recount and made the results final. Now Persico officially earned a seat on Town Council and will soon embark on her first two-year-term.

“I was excited to see the democratic process roll out with the recount,” Persico said. “But I think the letters were a sweet gesture and we all know recounts are usually the same, aside from a few votes historically.”

Of serving on the Council for the first time, she said, “I’m excited about it, getting more involved in the town and the day-to-day operations. I look forward to meeting more constituents and hearing about their visions for Monroe.”

The letters of withdrawal are now on file in the Monroe Town Clerk’s Office at Town Hall.

Loehr’s letter simply said, “I wish to withdraw from the election recount.”

In a handwritten letter, Katuska wrote: “I, Jessica, wish to waive my claim to a recanvass of the votes of the last election.”

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, Republicans maintained a 6-3 majority on Town Council leaving the six Democratic Party candidates to vie for the remaining three seats.

Persico won the final seat with 2,437 votes, compared to 2,428 for Katuska, 2,420 for Loehr and 2,378 for Susan Bannay. Katuska and Loehr came close enough for a recount.

The new Town Council will include Republicans Sean O’Rourke, Enid Lipeles, Kevin Reid, Dona-Lyn Wales, Vincent A. Duva and Jonathan Formichella; and Democrats Jason Maur, Cathy Kohut and Janice Persico.

Town Republican Registrar Debra Dutches and Democratic Registrar Katherine A. Briggs said the voting results are now official and everything has been submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office and the Secretary of the State’s Office.

For all of the results of the 2023 Monroe Municipal Election, click here.

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