‘Nick will be a diligent, energetic, responsive and effective representative’

To the Editor:

Monroe and Newtown residents have a unique opportunity on April 13th to elect Nick Kapoor as their state representative.

Nick will be a diligent, energetic, responsive, and effective representative for the residents of the 112th District. He is a great communicator and will listen to residents needs and concerns and always keep in touch with them.

He knows the main issues facing the District: growth, education and taxes. He also cares about our environment and the difficulties facing many older residents.

Nick is the right person at the right time to represent Monroe and Newtown in Hartford.  Learn more about him at www.nickforct.com. You can also download an absentee ballot from the site.

Please vote for Nick Kapoor for State Rep on April 13th.

Karen Burnaska


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