Nick Kapoor is ‘a math expert with relentless energy’

To the Editor:

I am excited to be supporting Nick Kapoor for the 112th State Representative seat on April 13th. Nick has an extensive list of credentials including a mathematician, college professor, vice president of operations at an engineering firm, and member of the board of education. In these roles, Nick constantly demonstrates an unparalleled ability to solve problems.

Many have concerns about a variety of intricate problems that are going to require well-informed and calculated decisions. Unfortunately, many politicians rely on emotion and default to unquantifiable criteria to make decisions (or take a position). This is often easier than analyzing the data, statistics, and numbers. As a mathematician, and someone with relentless energy, Nick is well equipped to tackle complex problems.

Mr. Kapoor is someone who actively listens. Whether it’s working on behalf of Monroe’s families, interacting with residents, responding to emails and phone calls, or taking the time to reach out to those in need, Nick is constantly attuned to the people he represents.

Local government functions at best when it is led by public servants who understand the issues that affect the very core of the community. When done correctly, policymaking involves solving technical problems by analyzing data and predicting the consequences of various actions. This data-driven approach to policymaking is sorely missed today.

Mr. Kapoor hopes to change that. He is someone who is uniquely positioned to contribute his many strengths including problem-solving, creativity, overcoming challenges, and collaboration.

Alan Vaglivelo


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